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Inspired by the constantly evolving landscape of street style and fashion, NakedHeart was founded in 2016 as a pet project – as a place to share our passion for fashion and art.

Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity and staying true to our founding principles of exploration, we source and create modern pieces that are the key building blocks to a stellar wardrobe - effortless to wear, go-to items that will never sit in the closet for too long.

We are thoughtful about the elements that go into our products and store, selecting and creating directional, yet timeless designs to assemble that contemporary wardrobe for endless styling possibilities.

“Life’s a party. Bring your own personality.”

THE NAKEDHEART GIRL is that perennially cool girl with the enviable ensemble – artfully undone and dishevelled to perfection.  Her look is effortless – never overdone or overthought, and her approach – slightly off kilter and boundless, borrowing freely from the boys for a tomboy silhouette. She walks the perfect line between newfangled fads and self-authenticity with a laconic nonchalance.





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